Vice President at Next Home

Offer Generation is about proactively managing the pace and progress of a client’s home buying experience.

Keep the momentum going with concrete next steps and a streamlined process that builds confidence for the road ahead.



Chief Industry Officer at Sindeo

Financing has a tendency to intimidate home buyers and influence the attractiveness of an offer. Helping your clients become financially prepared should be core to your Offer Generation strategy.


CEO and Co-Founder at Sereno Group

In a realm where leads are overhyped and oversold to Realtors, identifying strategies to separate the wheat from the chaff are more critical than ever. Successfully qualifying leads to identify real buyers is a significant step towards generating more offers and business for Realtors.

Establishing ways to keep real buyers engaged and interested when visiting Realtors websites is critical. The truth is by delivering an exceptional buyer experience, you will have multiple streams of quality leads.


2011 #1 Realtor in the US – Broker at DeLeon Realty

Top producing agents focus on delivering a streamlined client experience that builds confidence around making the first offer.

Offer generation is helping agents increase their yield from online and offline leads. The strategies and tactics in this Playbook boost the agent’s bottom line – simple as that.


Creator of Agent Caffeine

The mentality for investing in lead gen platforms is, “If I get 1 deal out if this I’ve already paid for the program.” At a 3% conversion rate your odds are better in Vegas playing roulette.


CEO of dotloop

Offer Gen is about bringing the same techniques and best-practices used in lead gen to the arena of converting leads into offer-writing clients. #OfferGen


CEO of Live Love International

If you can match clients and homes with greater precision, you’re more likely to generate offers. #OfferGen


CEO of Katie Lance Consulting

It’s no longer about generating leads, it’s about generating offers. Offer Generation allows real estate agents to get to the closing table, faster.


CEO of By Referral Only

The one thing successful real estate agents know how to do is generate offers. In fact, lead conversion should be the number one priority in your business. Convert leads to appointments, appointments to offers, and offers to closings and commission checks.


VP Marketing at BombBomb

It’s not too often we come across smart and practical content like this. There’s a massive amount of leads being generated in the real estate industry.

Generating leads isn’t the problem most realtors face anymore, but the ability to identify and impress Offer-Ready clients. This guide provides comprehensive instruction on how to do that.


Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker

When you invest in marketing to generate leads, the last thing you want is to see those leads head back to the portals or to another agent.

The #OfferGen tips in the Offer Generation Playbook provide practical advice on how to retain your leads and close more deals.


Managing Broker at KW Los Gatos Estates and KW Bay Area Estates

The concept of offer generation is sparking a new way of coaching that will help agents increase the ROI from their marketing spend.

By prioritizing new leads and working closely with clients during the home buying process, you will increase the velocity at which new offers are generated and homes are sold.


Luxury Home Specialist at Alain Pinel Realtors

It’s time for a shift in the industry discussion… a greater emphasis on Offer Generation will help us serve clients better than ever before.

The Offer Generation Playbook delivers the right mix of research, insights and practical advice.


Managing Broker at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

It’s staggering to think about how much money agents are throwing away to third party lead generation sites.

With conversion rates in the low single digits, agents can make their marketing dollars stretch further by focusing on Offer Generation.


CEO of Bamboo Realty

The best chance you have to get a sale is by working with the people in your own sphere of influence and those already in your pipeline. I wish the industry would spent as much time, energy and money on Offer Generation as it does on lead generation.

I’m not talking about drip campaigns – no one wants to be dripped on. I’m taking about highly customized, personal follow up designed to move clients from Agent-Ready to Offer-Ready.


CEO of ReferralExchange

Offer Generation tactics maximize efficiency and productivity by helping agents identify clients who are ready to take action immediately and nurturing/retaining those still early on in the sales process.


Vice President of Technology at Alain Pinel Realtors

Savvy buyers are seeking an agent experience that is personalized and action-oriented.
Offer Generation principles deliver on that experience.


Co-Founder at Cloud CMA and W&R Studios

“You need to begin with the end in mind. In the case of a buyer, you need to make sure everything you use to communicate with them is designed to serve a purpose, and that purpose is to make an offer.”


CEO at Amitree

As an industry, we must empower agents with the technology to move clients through the pipeline – from Offer Generation to the closing table.

Lead generation is only the first step, and an effective sales strategy needs to address the needs of the consumer as they progress through their process.


CEO at Eichler Homes Realty

I’m very good at generating referrals, but Offer Generation helps me sort and qualify my leads so I can prioritize my time.

I focus on building relationships with Offer-Ready buyers in order to get more clients into homes faster.


CEO at Zurple

It can be challenging to build and maintain relationships with a high volume of clients who are each at their own unique stage of the buying or selling journey. Offer Generation is about building trust with today’s consumer in a personal way throughout the critical stages leading to a transaction.


2013/2014 Top Producer (150+ Homes Sold) at Climb Real Estate

The industry has long been trained to go after listings, but there is an abundance of home buyers that need the help of savvy professionals. There has been a lack of tools to help agents strengthen the process.

Offer generation is the stepping stone for converting leads to active buyers, and moving clients to closing.


Real Estate Enthusiast at Keller Williams Realty

Take the time to uncover what’s underneath your clients’ reasons to buy a home. By finding out what’s emotionally anchoring them to home ownership, you can assess their motivation and help them down the path towards writing their first offer.


Former Executive Vice President at Move.com

It’s not difficult to generate online leads, but identifying the right leads to focus on is tough. Offer Generation helps here: it allows agents to use search insights to anticipate when a buyer is ready to go. Agents can then more confidently go all-in with these active leads knowing they will convert more readily.


Luxury Home Specialist at Alain Pinel Realtors

It’s time for a shift in the industry discussion… a greater emphasis on Offer Generation will help us serve clients better than ever before.

The Offer Generation Playbook delivers the right mix of research, insights and practical advice.


Founder and CEO at Onvedeo

Generating leads is becoming easier with time. Offer Generation is the next big problem to solve. The Offer Generation Playbook is a great starting point for all forward looking brokers and agents.


CEO at Dizzle

Generate more offers by understanding the source of your leads, tailoring your messaging and focusing on trust. #OfferGen


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