Chapter 11


A robust search platform should also offer you the backend data and insights needed to connect with your active home buyers on a whole new level. Knowing, for example, that John and his wife searched for homes in a new neighborhood last night can make you go from agent to mind reader! Insights like these give you opportunities to go above and beyond – making you an all-star agent.

By paying attention to active buyer cues and analyzing their behavior both online and offline, you can identify opportunities to demonstrate your expertise, guide them in the right direction and help them get to the closing table faster.



Your buyers have searched seven times this week for homes in Summerville, yet they told you they’re interested in Hollywood.

Mary and John, I noticed you’ve been searching in Summerville even though you indicated you were only interested in properties in Hollywood.

Do you want to schedule a tour of this neighborhood next week?

Your buyers keep coming back to 123 Main Street in their searches, but have yet to make an offer.

Mary and John, I see you keep coming back to 123 Main Street in your searches.

What is it about this house that keeps you from wanting to see it in person?

Your buyers’ searches are increasing in frequency, but they have taken no action yet.

Mary and John, I’ve noticed you’re very active in your home search.

Have you adjusted your timeframe for making a move?

You notice your buyers are repeatedly looking at homes that are outside of the budget constraints they gave you in the buyer consultation.

Mary & John, has there been a change in your financial situation that would allow you to afford a different type of home than you mentioned earlier?

If so, I’ll adjust your search parameters in order to send you the most relevant properties to your new budget.

An active buyer has created an account on your site, but has yet to contact you for information.

Mary & John, thank you for creating an account on my website. I’d be delighted to help you by sharing strategies for buying a home in today’s market.

Do you have a few minutes this morning for a quick call, or is the afternoon better for you?