Chapter 10


Offer-Ready buyers have a different set of communication needs than those who are just browsing. It’s up to you to keep them in the loop, and more importantly keep up the momentum in their search. You can achieve both with timely, relevant communication.

To set yourself up for success, it is imperative to have a communication plan in place that meets the needs of the Offer-Ready buyer timeline.



Consultative behavior affects a buyer’s perceptions of your expertise and loyalty. What does this mean? You have to be adept at determining and analyzing the buyer’s true wants and needs – more than just their preferences for budget and square footage.

Using the insights you’ve gathered from a lead form, social profile, initial consultation and early search data, you can take your communication to a new, more personal level.

For example, a buyer tells you they need to be close to the train station for work. Knowing where they work, you take it a step further and pull homes that reduce their commute time.

Flying blind and all leads look the same? Take advantage of search-tracking technology available to you. #OfferGen

This is a good start, but could you go further? If you know where they work, can you find
homes closer to their company shuttle stops or popular rideshare locations?

Or can you find homes with low-traffic routes that make it easy to bike to the office? When you’re able to connect the dots between your buyer’s wants, lifestyle needs and the surrounding area, you can create a short list of homes that feel perfectly suited just for them.

Review the emails you’ve been sending to your buyers and see if they feel human, personable and relevant. Would you appreciate getting the emails that you’re writing? If not, give them a tune up.

Do you use Gmail? Rapportive is a free plugin that shows you detailed employment and social media information for the clients you email.


Make sure that communication you send is timely and appropriate. You don’t want to inundate Offer-Ready buyers that have just started their search with blog posts on how to complete the closing process, for example. Batch and blast is the easiest way to turn off potential buyers who are looking for actionable insights, not marketing materials.

Timely communication helps overcome one of the biggest fears of every home buyer: the fear of missing out (FOMO). Help your active buyers overcome their FOMO with timely updates of new home listings in their desired area that match their search criteria. Most search platforms allow you to schedule automatic emails that will update clients when a new listing meets their needs. Take it a step further by making this communication personal as well. A quick, personal email letting your active buyers know that you just toured a home that falls within their desired criteria lets them know they’re on your mind.

When you deliver timely and relevant communication, you give active buyers the information and confidence they need to take action and make an offer.

There is always a risk of over-automating your email and SMS communication. Be sure to review the emails that your system sends to active buyers.

  • Are the emails you send relevant and timely?
  • Do they help buyers overcome their fear of missing out?
  • Are your emails user friendly, informative and actionable?
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1MailChimp Industry Benchmark Data


Offer-Ready buyers are anxious to find a home they will love. All of your communication should make it easier for your buyers to feel momentum toward finding that home.

A lack of communication can make active buyers feel stuck in neutral. This is where milestones and real-time messaging capabilities come into play.

Build a communication plan that keeps buyers on top of what they’ll need to do before making that first offer.

  • Identify what clients are willing to negotiate on, including financing seller fees, letting homeowners remain in the house after closing and more.
  • Pull together funding documentation for their loan such as down payments, assets and revenue documentation.
  • Get laser focused on must-haves and deal breakers in a desired home so they can move quickly to make an offer.
  • Determine their comfort level increasing their offer price in the case of multiple offers.
This isn’t the time to perfect your monthly newsletter. Use the
insights you have to deliver relevant communication that creates momentum towards offers.

We all know the home buying process has ups, downs, periods of high activity and periods of relative calm. There are many times that buyers want to give up, and by creating milestones you can help them feel momentum towards their end goal.