Chapter 15



Offer Generation is about proactively managing the pace and progress of a client’s home buying experience. Focusing on Offer Generation instead of lead generation helps you win Agent-Ready buyers and convert them quickly to Offer-Ready status.

You now know how to:

  • 1. Identify and prioritize Offer-Ready buyers
  • 2. Tap into exclusive data and powerful offer generation tools
  • 3. Position the buyer consultation to drive more offers
  • 4. Accelerate offers using search insights
  • 5. Shorten the offer generation life cycle

All of these strategies create a wow experience for your clients and generate more offers, faster! It’s time to leverage these skills to dramatically increase lead generation’s return on investment (ROI). Even a slight increase in conversion can lead to thousands of dollars in economic gain for you.

Ultimately, the industry’s shift towards Offer Generation will extend far beyond marketing ROI. It gives consumers a smoother, more personalized experience. It also gives agents the ability to drive more offers, transactions, referrals and repeat business – all of which make for faster and greater business growth.


Join us in ushering in the new era of residential real estate where strained communication and archaic technology are things of the past. Together let’s transform the businesses of 1.2+ million real estate agents for the better and empower individuals and families to realize their dream of a happy home.