Chapter 2

At RealScout, we believe that agents, through their local expertise, extensive network and personalized process management, bring immense value to consumers in achieving their real estate goals, and are essential to the future of the real estate industry.

We believe, however, that consumers are dissatisfied with disjointed and antiquated technology experiences provided by agents, hurting lead conversion rates.

We believe conversion rates can be improved through technology experiences that cater to individual preferences and personalities of a consumer.

We believe that agents are an absolutely irreplaceable part of these experiences.

We believe that improving lead conversion rates is the most neglected, yet highest leverage investment in growing agent and broker businesses.

We believe, therefore, that agents, brokers and the industry should focus more of their attention, technology and resources to lead conversion instead of lead generation.

We believe, with this focus, the future for real estate agents is incredibly bright.

…given these truths…

RealScout, on April 15, 2015, issues the Offer Generation Proclamation.

Offer Generation, in contrast to lead generation, is the process of acquiring transaction offers by systematically and scalably converting leads.

At RealScout, we commit to growing agents’ businesses by empowering them through Offer Generation.

We commit to reimagine the consumer real estate experience, and build a platform that both consumers and agents find valuable and delightful.

We commit to always benefit agents, and never to harm.

We commit to pull the real estate industry forward with unbridled enthusiasm and integrity.